We are a professional and always up to date scuba diving center and diving school focused on recerational diving. We are flexible to match our customer's needs. Since 2006, we have integrated all the necessary services to introduce future divers and help them advance in their training, starting from the beginner level of recreational diving, the Open Water Diver program, up to the highest level of a diving professional's career, the SSI Open Water Instructor development program. Our school is located in Barcelona, where we also have a specialized store, and our Costa Brava diving center is located in Lloret de Mar.

14 reasons to take your diving course at divertysub

Catorce razones para realizar tu curso de buceo en divertysub

  1. We are a diving school and scuba diving center authorized by the local government, the Generalitat de Catalunya.
  2. We represent the biggest and most important certification agencies within the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) in the diving industry.
  3. Our courses and programs are taught exclusively by qualified and specialized professional instructors for diving instruction.
  4. Our teaching method is a world leader in diving education, serving as a reference for other training methods.
  5. Our facilities are modern, always up to date, and equipped with all the necessary elements to provide high-quality training to our students and customers.
  6. The scuba diving gear and any other diving equipment used in our courses is new, used for specific purposes, and of high quality, using the best brands with the safest security standards to ensure optimal learning for each of our students.
  7. The learning materials provided to our students are the most comprehensive and advanced in diving teaching methodology. And will always be at your disposal.
  8. Upon completion of your diving course, you will receive your diploma and certification immediately, instead of the provisional certification, which is the most common procedure.
  9. We prioritize quality over quantity, with a maximum of six students per course, which allows us greater customization, increased level of training, safety measures, and comfort for each student within the group.
  10. Our location is unbeatable: our scuba diving center is located in Lloret de Mar, and a professional store in Barcelona. We own a wide parking plot and a swimming pool. This helps us optimize time and manage efficiently transportation, both for us and for our customers. Moreover, we integrate all the services a diving center could need: classrooms, shop and workshop with our own compressors, both for air and enriched air nitrox. 
  11. At divertysub you will find a relaxed atmosphere, a caring team for a more human and tailored service. Our crew is professional, multilingual and always ready to listen to your concerns and help meet all your needs and expectations.
  12. You will find everything you need to continue advancing in the world of diving. A Diving School where you can continue your training as a diver. A Scuba Diving Center on the Costa Brava (Lloret de Mar) where you will have the opportunity to continue diving with the instructors who taught you to dive, your course companions, or other divers you will meet over time. A specialized store where you can acquire everything necessary for your diving activities. Group dives to continue diving with the companions you met during your course or new divers you will meet. National and international trips where you will have the chance to explore other diving locations and cultures.
  13. In case you decide to pursue a professional career in scuba diving in the future, you won't need to look further. Once you are done with the basic and the advanced programs, you can complete your entire training at our PRO school.
  14. If you are not completely satisfied at the end of your diving course, we will refund your money without asking for explanations.

There are no excuses. Start your course with divertysub, your diving school in Barcelona and diving center in Lloret de Mar!

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